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Digital signage for improving customer experience

With our experience in digital signage we understood the marketing stakes in store and retail layouts. Managing the communication involves finding big impact marketing tools to stand out from competition.

Immersive, interactive digital signage makes the shopping easier, smarter and more efficient. It gives your customer a complete shopping experience.

In retail stores, quality displays boost sales. Digital signage can display a great variety of content to improve your brand awareness towards shoppers and teach them about the range or products or services you provide.

Combining in-store digital media with other merchandising support such as online shop creates an omni-channel mix which results in sales increases and customer fulfilment.

Semi-transparent screens – a new way to communicate

While shoppers are entering stores with more distractions, digital signage gives the marketer the opportunity to substitute a static temporary window presentation for an innovative lasting experience.

The impression of a digital presentation is even stronger when displaying products or messages on semi-transparent screens. They will definitely raise the interest of the passer-by and attract her or him into the store.

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Transparency – unlimited possibilities

Our semi-transparent screens will enhance your product presentation combining high brightness with transparency. Create special visual effects and stage your messages to achieve the highest impact.

This innovative media broaden your communication opportunities offering new possibilities where the screen plays an active role in the staging of your communication strategy. The semi-transparent screen will bring a real added-value to your window.

Our CRYSTAL SCREEN and GLASS SCREEN overshadow the usual window supports – for a unique impact!

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